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October 10, 2018

We need solutions to remedy New Mexico HOA Board abuse and we need access to affordable justice.



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SB 244 consumer protection?

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SLPPOA lawsuit

SB 497 is a useless law



The NM HOA Lawsuit  challenging the validity of the HOA Act has been in court of appeals for 8 months and is still waiting for a decision. The lawsuit started in District Court on Dec. 2014. Is this how long a homeowner needs to wait for justice when their Board of Directors abuse the law?  more info to come.


Senate Bill 244 was vetoed by New Mexico Governor, Susanna Martinez on April 6, 2017. The governor cited that numerous requirements on homeowner associations would be burdensome and costly. Additionally .... more


The New Mexico Homeowners Association Bill, SB 244  passing through the 2017 legislature will affect an estimated 275,000 homeowners living in associations in New Mexico, and few homeowners have been privileged to understand its consequences or contribute to its construction.

SB 244  has not resolved some essential homeowner rights....  more


A NM HOA lawsuit is challenging the existing HOA Act (SB497). A recent Sandoval District Court decision revealed the unpredictability of  how the court "interprets" the legislation passed in 2013 and the Statute's lack of protection of homeowners rights.

The lawsuit has cost members of the association over $36,000 and the only winner is.... more