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Financial Hanky Panky and a couple of ways to watch for it in an HOA. Anytime there is a collective body that has control over financial assets, there is an opportunity for fraud and embezzlement. This goes for nonprofit and for-profit organizations ...more


Why it is important to stay involved and aware of what your HOA is doing? If you live in an HOA, you may be a part owner of a Corporation. Not only does this entitle you to share in the benefits of living in a development, such as private trails and services, it also places you in a position... more


Selling or refinancing your property in an HOA in New Mexico

When you live in a homeowner’s association (HOA), your property is subject to contractual conditions associated with your neighborhood. These contractual conditions are often referred to as “community documents” and ...more


The Fair Debt Collection Act can affect the Association when contracts are not followed. A reoccurring situation that our agency, as well as other collection agencies face is the request to add-on or collect the collection fees  ... more