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This is a private homeowner's website advocating for more rights protection of HOA property owners in New Mexico. It's an effort by a few homeowners that have been subject to issues plaguing many homeowners in NM HOAs.

We contend that the legislation thus far fails to provide any enforcement mechanisms or substantial penalties for NM homeowners who live in planned communities when disputes arise between them and their Boards.

We are not affiliated with any government or business agency but only exist to encourage legislative and judicial protection for the 275,000 homeowners now living in NM HOAs.

We believe an agency to oversee disputes related to HOA issues may offer an alternative to an expensive litigation. This has been discussed before, but has continually been rejected by business concerns. Other states have agencies to help HOA homeowners. The HOA Act offers only a voluntary dispute resolution that has proved, in our experience, to be unsuccessful--a waste of time and money. Until our legislators wake up to the need and take action, choices to resolve disputes are limited and the courts will continue to provide a profitable livelihood for attorneys. 

The original NM bill, HB 9, was a good start, and we applaud the Representative that initiated the charge. However provisions that put some "teeth" into the law were deleted by business interests and when the first bill finally passed into law, business gained their first strike for controls over associations. There will be new revisions to the HOA law in the future and homeowners must remain vigilant or their rights will continue to erode by those who stand to profit.

We hope to provide association homeowners a means to have a voice in New Mexico. We invite comments on experiences and complaints from homeowners with their Boards and ideas that might resolve the issues. With your help we can keep our legislators informed of the abuses we face with rogue boards and encourage them to invoke more protective legislation.


There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.”  

  —Martin Luther King Jr.

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